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Poste Lafayette is located near Bras d’Eau. The name Bras d’Eau originates from the outline of the mass of water protruding from the land in the shape of an arm, found between Pointe Radeau and Belcourt Bay on the coastline of Mauritius.

The scenic beauty and history of the region invites you to take a stroll through the forest reserve of Bras d’Eau and listen to the songs of many birds, including the famous Mauritian Paradise Flycatcher. Indeed, this region is home to not only this beautiful native bird, but the habitat of many migratory birds coming from both the northern and southern hemispheres.

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The undisturbed natural beauty of the forest Bras d’Eau was once of great significance to the country of Mauritius. Exotic trees like the Mahogany, Filao and Eucalyptus were cultivated for their use in industry, construction and for export to the rest of the world.

Visitors to the region may notice the ruins of an old sugar factory and a stone-built open well, named Puits Français. These are a gentle reminder of another age, when the area was part of a French settlement built in the 17th century.


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